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This website is outdated!

Deagle a posted Oct 19, 16

Please check our Steam group page for our most recent activity!

Or join our teamspeak server ""

Important: G2A Goldmine

Deagle a posted Oct 22, 15

Greetings fellow members!

If you happen to make purchases on the site of g2a - a game store where you can order games for cheap prices - we ask you to please use this link in order to open g2a if you want to buy something:

No extra charge will be demanded of you but instead No Unit will earn money based on the value of your purchase. It will be a great financial support for the clan which can help with the upkeep of the teamspeak server and our website and we'd really appreciate your effort! Since it doesen't cost anything and we earn money for nothing.. but buying games - the thing we do anyway ;)

Thank you a lot for reading this! happy_creep


Civ V + EU IV = ...

Deagle a posted Aug 10, 15

Another game with potential this year, 25th September:


Grand Ages: Medieval