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Civ V + EU IV = ...

Deagle a posted Aug 10, 15

Another game with potential this year, 25th September:


Grand Ages: Medieval

HeadsUp: Cossacks 3

Deagle a posted Aug 10, 15

So, uhm.. we, rather Pomegranate, recently discovered that Cossacks 3 will be released this year, Q4. It's a continual of the classic series from 2001. Even if you haven't played it, you should check out the website, it doesen't look too disgusting in my opinion, so nothign to lose at the least. Rather, I personally really enjoy their humour, especially on the website and in the video below




Cossacks 3 Musketeer Animations Short Film

New website coming!

Deagle a posted Mar 1, 15

Greetings dear visitor!

As you may or may not have noticed, this internet presence of the NU community has long lost its activity. As the release of Eugen Systems' new game "Act of Agression" is closing in on us and several features of this site have been removed from the free plan such as the shoutbox and the "About us" section (html modules), we have decided upon releasing our own website - a new presence created solely by our member Virtous, who has been working very hard on it for some time now. A prototype of the new website is expected to go online before the release of AoA.

Until then!